Our new branch in the heart of Upper Silesia! We believe that it will soon repeat the success of our other locations.

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Europe's largest Python software house

About STX Next

We are the largest python software house in Europe with over 15 years of history. We cooperate with over 350 individuals including 200 Python and JavaScript developers. We also specialize in DevOps, Machine Learning, Data Engineering, React Native, and UX. We are about to introduce Node.js. Our interdisciplinary teams develop exceptional products for clients around the world, combining the Agile approach, best practices, quality software, and new technologies. Our plan for 2021 is to win Upper Silesia. We hope you will give us a warm welcome!  

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Our plan

STX Next in Katowice

We have offices in Poznań, Wrocław, Piła, Łódź, and Gdańsk – the latter is our most recent branch hiring almost 50 people! 

We very much hope to repeat this success in the Katowice metropolitan area. We intend to engage around a hundred people in the upcoming months. Such a number is not a coincidence – our experience proves that it is a perfect balance between a strong competence center allowing everyone to develop their passions, also those beyond programming, and a branch that does not require extensive structures. 

We start with building a remote team (who is not online these days?) but if required, we will set up a local office – for example, a kind of a co-working space. Where will we set up the office? We will choose the location together with those who will cooperate with us in the capital of Upper Silesia. Engaging all collaborators in such decisions is closely connected to our values. You can learn more about them here.


Our projects

Working in a software house means a multitude of different projects, industries, and clients. So far our code has supported e-commerce, financial, tourism, sports, pharmaceutical industries, but our portfolio features plenty of less standard items. We worked for Buddhist monks, a company offering personalized fragrances, and we were also engaged in fighting cybercrime.

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Quick & brief

Recruitment process

How does STX Next recruitment process look like? Above all, it is quick, brief, and always followed by feedback, regardless of the outcome of the meeting. 

Currently, all recruitment is carried out 100% online. It includes an HR step and a technical step aimed at testing your skills in practice.


Learn more about our technical recruitment in this video.

Culture Book

Together with our colleagues, we have created a Culture Book to share more about the work we do at STX Next. You will get to know us better, find out what values we follow and how they translate into our actions, as well as many other interesting facts about the company. Enjoy the read!

Senior JavaScript Developer, Poznań

Artur Konieczny

What surprised me the most about working at STX Next was this great trust - from day one I have worked on projects sharing a team responsibility and motivating each other to deliver the best possible product to the customer. Also, I appreciate the friendly and family atmosphere, you can always meet someone in the kitchen and chat for a while. Additionally, there are a lot of smaller and larger integration events and many smiling faces in the corridors.

Tech Lead & Full-Stack Developer, Wrocław

Marek Bryling

STX Next is a place offering an excellent atmosphere where I can both learn new things and share my knowledge. I work here because the company really provides a great work-life balance. The first thing I do having arrived at the office is a coffee. I get another one right after that.

Product Owner, Piła

Tomasz Muszczek

Personally, I do not perceive STX Next as just a company. It is more than that. Having worked in the Piła office for more than half a decade, I get the sense of a kind of community - people with similar interests, passions, and hobbies, especially in the field of broadly defined modern technology. We inspire and drive each other to continuous development and new experiences - both individually and through participation in industry events of all kinds.

Python Developer, Łódź

Dawid Dutkiewicz

I work at STX Next because I value the diversity of projects, work-life balance, and professional development. STX Next is all about the lack of corporate nonsense. In my daily work, I like the opportunity to learn from more experienced colleagues. My team is a mix of fantastic people specializing in different fields. I will never forget how I was asked to take care of my health as an annual goal. The first thing I do when I come to the office is... log in, check Slack, and a coffee before the first git pull.

Python Expert

Mikołaj Lewandowski

Working at STX Next meand working with amazing people. Committed, full positive energy which manifests itself during code discussions and ontegration. From my perspective, a great thing that we have a great variety of projects and the influence we have on the decision-making - not just the technical but also organizational ones.

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