Gdańsk office is located in Wrzeszcz on Jaśkowa Valley- in the comfort of an 18th-century manor- and is run by Adam Wojtaszek, Head of Service Delivery, and Monika Górecka, Service Delivery Manager.

STX Next Gdańsk

We carry out interesting and demanding projects in the field of web development, IoT, React Native and Machine Learning. Most of our programming staff are Full-stack specialists with a passion for new technologies.

We are a very close bunch, although very different- we start our day at different times. Some of us will talk to you from the early hours of the morning, there are some who still believe that one day they will manage to open our company messenger before 9.00;) However, there is something that connects us: a passion for what we do and... our Google Home Mini, which you can talk to regardless of the time of day.

It is at our place, between projects, Koncertowskaz was created- an application that matches the concerts to your musical taste. However, our app is not everything! In the comfort of the office, we also have something for fans of more creative and manual ventures- our 3D printer, compact and ready to realize your most insane ideas!

Are you interested in the topics of healthy eating? Well, I'm sure you'll have someone here to talk to about it.

While keeping the diet will not be so easy anymore (these cakes! the smell of toasts and hot dogs filling the office already in the morning!).

Each of the STX Next branches is primarily the people who co-create it. See the space, day to day work and get to know members of our SuperHeroes’ team in Gdańsk.

Recruitment&EB Specialist
Marta Rogowska

I've been with STX Next since day one in the Gdansk branch. For me, the biggest advantage of this work (apart from a great team, which I wouldn't trade for anything else), is great freedom of operation and the trust our managers have in us. Every conversation, regardless of a person's role in the organization, is very partner-like. We work together in the truest sense of the word.

Product Owner
Kuba Tuscher

Working at STX Next is above all an adventure and an opportunity to meet amazing people. The projects and the clients are very diverse making me feel like I am participating in something really interesting. Working in such an environment is actually a constant growth, and thanks to the cool atmosphere every visit to the kitchen is just another dose of inspiration.

Python Expert
Mikołaj Lewandowski

Working at STX means working with amazing people. Committed, full of positive energy which manifests itself during code discussions and integration ;) From my perspective, a great thing that we have a great variety of projects and the influence we have on the decision-making - not just the technical but also organizational ones.

JavaScript Developer
Kamil Lewandowski

STX Next is almost a flawless software house I have been working at for the last 2 years. I was especially impressed by two things. People who make the work a true Teamwork. There is no place for demotivating pressure or unrealistic issues. They are also people I enjoy getting together with in my private life. If you thought that the soft part of the recruitment process was a bit of a pointless conversation, you are totally wrong. The second point is professionalism. I was very surprised how much attention is paid here to the quality of the code, the compatibility of practice with the art, code review, and so on.

Senior Scrum Master
Damian Winczewski

I work at STX because it has a special place in my heart through relations and challenges I share with the people from my branch. What I like most about STX is the work with different teams and clients and a clear development path for Scrum Masters. My team is a product team extending every integration :D Here everyone sees challenges, not problems! I will never forget working with our recruiter Marta even prior to joining STX :)

Upcoming events


Hackathons, board games, plasterboard meetings- see what events we organize in our Gdańsk branch, how we bond and how we spend our time outside working hours.


We like to compete not only in games, but also in technology. Several times a year we organize thematic hackathons, during which we compete and, most importantly, experiment with various libraries and technologies.

Board games

Similarly to other branches, with a higher or lower frequency, we enjoy playing board games with a particular weakness for Time's Up!

Plasterboards Meetings

We regularly organize internal branch meetings where the topic of passive income is addressed. Every meeting we are thinking on different ways to get our first million ;)

Cultural STX

Once a month, we check the repertoire in local cinemas and go to watch the latest cinema gems together.

Larger and smaller bonding events

We like active bonding- during the season there are kayaks (whether on Motława or on Kashubian rivers) and badminton, and when the weather is not so good, we choose karts or laser tag.

Learn more about our events on our blog


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EB & Recruitment Specialist

Agnieszka Ołowska

EB & Recruitment Specialist

Marta Rogowska