We are a team of experienced specialists who are passionate about supporting the company in fulfilling its business goals. Building business relationships and expanding STX Next client portfolio - see how we do it and join our team.



Our team is a mix of different cultures: Polish, Peruvian, Canadian and Spanish. Each of us has our own individual working style and areas of responsibility - and that is what drives us to act, develop and learn from each other.

There is one of the five STX Next values we feel the most - we take care of continuous development by participating in local or inernational trainings and industry conferences.


How do we work?

Help and feedback? Always!

Each member of our team has weekly 1-1 meetings with their mentor.

The main goal of these meetings is to get feedback on their work, consult sales projects and set goals for the next week.

Work-life balance

We believe that there is an ideal proportion between private and professional life. We are fully responsible for organizing our working day, so we work together with the team to determine working hours and the amount of remote work convenient for everyone.

Personal Branding

Good sales are also good branding. Close cooperation and great support from the marketing team helps us run campaigns as well as build a sales position on the market.

We learn field which are new to us

We are of the opinion that sales workshops alone are not enough. We work in the IT industry, which at an insane pace sets newer trends, better technologies and faster tools.

We talk about new technological directions, discuss frameworks, and even learn the basics of programming in Python. We just want to be up to date.

Training budget

With an annual training budget, you decide on your own what training or conference to go to. The local and foreign markets offer us a large range of events, thanks to which we can meet our individual and team development goals.

Book Club

What our team has in common are not just the profession and good jokes, but also a passion for books. Every month we organize meetings where everyone presents a review of the recently read book in the field of sales, business or psychology.