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Growth & Marketing

Join our Growth & Marketing team to help spread the word about Europe’s largest Python software house.

Growth & Marketing

What we do

Successful marketing is a combination of wild creativity, detailed analytics, and tight teamwork. Here are some of the disciplines we’re involved in; we’d love to add your expertise to the mix!

Content marketing

We help our audiences overcome their challenges with in-depth guides, comparison pieces, and meaningful case studies.

We know full well that content is king and we care deeply about the quality of what we publish.


We squeeze every last drop out of every cent using targeted, relevant, and catchy Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

Social Media

We spread the good word about our content and events. We make friends on Twitter, share insights on LinkedIn, keep our fans informed on Facebook, and answer the Web’s questions on Quora.

CRO & Marketing Automation

We measure, analyze and optimize our website performance for maximum conversions. We also leverage tools like Hubspot to deliver value at scale to all our subscribers.

Personal Branding

We help key STX Nexters become LinkedIn superstars. We make sure the knowledge of our experts helps their network. Machine learning, fintech, DevOps—they tell us all, and we share it all.


We’re getting into Google’s good graces by optimizing our content and partnering up with external sites.

Events & Networking

We attend industry conferences and organize events and meetings that leave participants educated and inspired.

Growth & Marketing

How we work

Feedback and support are always available

Every team member has weekly 1 on 1 meetings with their direct report. You can vent, get honest feedback, get your questions answered, and get support for your key tasks.

Tools we use

Data-driven marketing

Analytics is our best friend. We measure and analyze our results regularly to do more of what works, and do less of what doesn’t.

Sprints yes, rushing no

We plan our work in Sprints to avoid being overwhelmed. And when random events change our plans, we’d rather push a deadline then push ourselves to the breaking point.

Easily check what everyone is doing

We track all our tasks in a single tool, where you can see what everyone else is working on.

Bring and execute your own ideas

If you feel strongly about a new direction we should take, we’ll help you make space for your experiment and run it.