Our team

5 branches, over 330 collaborators and over 200 completed projects. Behind these figures is an extensive experience in the market, expert skills, true enthusiasts on board and, of course, the STX management crew that combines all this into smooth management and efficient delivery of services.

At STX Next we have a management team with more than 20 members,

including directors of individual branches, Service Delivery managers, the CEO, the Service Delivery Director and persons who care for the following areas: Marketing, Recruitment, Business Development, Product Design, Administration and DevOps.


How do we work?

Managing teams, building new business lines, managing customer satisfaction, solving challenging design situations, expanding service catalog, making business decisions - these are just some of the duties and responsibilities of our Service Delivery Experts.

We work in a very volatile environment, in a volatile market, among many needs of various stakeholders, and we are able to adapt very quickly to the needs of our partners and colleagues.



Do you have experience in team management, building long-term relationships with customers and managing the service delivery process? Do you have experience in managing another area? Or maybe you just want to know about the possibilities of cooperation? Let us know. Let's just talk.

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