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Exceptional code is created by exceptional specialists. In programming we combine years of experience with the expert knowledge of Python, we add some knowledge of frontend, React Native, machine learning, and sometimes we reach for something completely new, such as Golang.

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It has been accompanying us from the very beginning, in fact fit has been with us or over a dozen yeas already.

We started with several programmers, and now the team of our Python experts includes over 100 people. Technologies do not stand still and this is what motivates us evry year to expand the technological areas that we develop in the Development team.


For many years we have supported our specialists in the development of front-end skills. We create dynamic websites and web applications, provide state-of-the-art components and interactive effects, advise on the choice of technology and provide comprehensive support and maintenance assistance.

Our JavaScript team is an experienced team consisting of both only front-end professionals and full-stack specialists.

React Native

Mobile technologies, especially React Native, have been accompanying us for a few years now.

Mobile projects at STX Next are both independent projects and complement what our web and IoT teams are working on. We work smoothly and as always we are agile - most of our application building and release processes are automated.


TypeScript, Jest, Enzyme, Detox, Redux, GraphQL, Apollo Client, Yoga Layout, Flexbox, Android Studio, Xcode, Google Play Console, App Store Connect, Fastlane


So far, we have had the opportunity to implement a wide range of mobile technologies projects:

from smart home; Uber for teachers; meditation application signed by the name of the Arabian Woman of the Year; communicator for schools; to an app to make Swiss cities become even cleaner.

Machine Learning

Over 14 years of experience in Python allowed us to open ourselves to a completely new technological area, which is already mastered by many of our specialists - machine learning.

Under the mentoring support of our Machine Learning Expert, we create custom solutions related to machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistical modeling, regression, anomaly detection, speech recognition and natural language processing. ML/AI is often connected with other areas allowing us to implement interdisciplinary projects and thus develop in new technological directions such as IoT, cybersecurity, blockchain, big data and cloud computing.


Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch, OpenCV, Scikit-learn, Xgboost, LightGBM, CatBoost, NLTK, Gensim, Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, SymPy, Eli5, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotly, Bokeh, AWS Services, and GCP Services.

Machine learning


As a Machine Learning team, we focus on 3 key areas.
  • We create innovative and tailored models that allow our customers to maintain full control over all aspects of AI development, including data processing, ML model and visualization.
  • To integrate ML solutions seamlessly into existing customer products and therefore increase their capabilities, we use cloud-based ML services and pre-trained models, i.e. Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud oraz Azure.
  • As ML experts, we also act as machine learning advisors. We help clients move ML solutions to the next level by optimizing or building complex AI systems from scratch.

Project Portfolio


Crypto currency platform


A modern crypto trading platform with the key priorities of speed, reliability and safety.

It allows retail users, brokers, professional traders as well as institutional money managers to trade with crypto assets and indices in a fully audited and highly secure way. It is Swiss guarded with the highest security and integrity features, performance-driven, high volume and market-depth while meeting stringent statutory compliance. will bring you the sophistication and the simplicity you need, with institutional features in the palm of your hand.

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Internet of Things Industry

Nota Nota

The NOTA NOTA app gives you the ability to control your personal perfume-making machine. You also have the option to design your own fragrances, then order the machine to produce it on the spot.

NOTA NOTA allows designers and creators from all over the world to design and share perfumes. It’s a new concept of mixing perfumes as part of your daily routine, just like using your coffee machine. NOTA NOTA received the iF Design Award in the Product category in 2018.

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Education industry


Zappi effortlessly connects teaching and support staff with local schools for supply work.

Supplying teaching is a stressful and annoying process for both the schools who are in need and the teachers who fill this need. Currently, worker agencies try to connect the two parties by extensive use of phone calls, mostly in the mornings. More often than not, teachers are already late when they take the job, and the cover managers at school have no influence over the quality of staff they receive.

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P2P Sales industry


Verve is a global platform that enables advocates to experience the products that they love with their friends. Verve’s software offers everything you need to run an ambassador program from start to finish. (previously known as StreetTeam) is the world’s leading peer-to-peer sales and marketing software for live entertainment. Verve enables its customers to turn their most influential fans into ambassadors who promote their events, selling more than 300,000 tickets in 14 countries since 2012.

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Fintech industry


Newable Business Finance is a joint venture between two leading SME lenders in the UK: Newable Limited and Liberis Limited.

Newable Business Finance is a platform on which users can apply for business loans ranging from £26,000 to £150,000. Qualifying for a loan is quick and easy, enabling business owners to receive the money in a very efficient and timely manner. It is also helping them develop their business within a few days. Even after receiving the loan, Newable Business Finance supports the business owners through a mentoring service.

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Ticketing Industry


A global distribution platform that enables suppliers to pool their ticket inventory and allows distributors from any sector to gain real-time access.

Coras is building the world's tickets through one API, so customers can purchase the tickets they want through the sites they already use.

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