Wrocław STX Next has always been located in the center of Wrocław- now it is located close to the Market Square, in the vicinity of the modern Philharmonic and the pre-war Municipal Moat.

STX Next Wrocław

In Wrocław we appeared relatively recently, thanks to one of our Python Developers who collaborated with STX remotely. The idea quickly turned into a presentation, a plan, and later a set of concrete actions that led to the creation of the Wrocław office.

The software spirit of Wrocław did not let us doubt even for a minute that this is the perfect place for the second office of our Python Software House, which has grown its roots in Poznań for nearly 9 years.

The branch is run by two experienced managers, Jakub Stadnik acting as Head of Service Delivery and Karina Klimczak, Service Delivery Manager.

STX Wrocław currently employs 50 people and is constantly in search of enthusiasts of technology, agility and software quality.

During the breaks, we look into the chill room to play a game of table football, darts or try out the powers of our local 3D printer.

We also experiment during bonding events, choosing more and more interesting and unusual activities such as throwing axes or crossing the most difficult routes in the rope park.

Each of the STX Next branches is primarily the people who co-create it. See the space, day to day work and get to know members of our SuperHeroes’ team in Wrocław.

Python Developer
Krzysiek Kołek

STX Next is a place I have been seeking for a while - a strong brand with a stable position on the market and a number of projects, with an almost family atmosphere as in a small start-up. I rarely take the opportunity to work remotely (despite having 70 km to the office), because nothing can substitute for a joint outing for a coffee, a chat at any time and covering all topics or a daily game of foosball. It is impossible not to mention the annual integration weekend trip and Fruity Mondays... and Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays!

Tech Lead&Full-Stack Developer
Marek Bryling

STX Next is a place offering an excellent atmosphere where I can both learn new things and share my knowledge. I work here because the company really provides a great work-life balance. The first thing I do having arrived at the office is a coffee. I get another one right after that :)

Scrum Master
Krzysiek Jabłoński

STX Next means fantastic people working as a team, you learn about your own capabilities which are only within a step away from creating reality. In my daily work, I mostly like my own contribution to the way my work actually looks like, direct and open communication, and a morning coffee with the team. I work at STX because alongside professional development I appreciate the flexibility of work having a fundamental impact on work-life-family balance.

Head of Service Delivery
Marcin Zabawa

STX Next is a place where a good idea is worth more than old rules, a substantive argument triumphs over hierarchy, and technical mastery inspires universal respect. From the first weeks of work, STX expected me to be responsible, show initiative and be self-reliant - it simply treated me like an adult, not an incapacitated cog spinning in accordance with unquestionable rules. This is what I've always been looking for.

Python Developer
Gosia Staniszewska

I work for STX because the company gave me the opportunity to pick my path of development. So far I have managed to perform three roles - tester, test automation, and programming. I like the relaxed atmosphere and flat structure you can find here. STX also helps you to achieve a work-life balance, supported by the fact that you can meet not only IT specialists but also parents, charity staff, divers, climbers, pianists, drummers, photographers...

Team Lead&Full-Stack Developer
Iwo Garwoliński

STX Next is a company posing many challenges and offering just as many opportunities. You can experience work with a corporate client as well as with start-ups, thus develop both technical and soft skills. The feedback culture gives you the opportunity to view your career from a perspective and to manage it properly. My team includes interesting and talented individuals who work together toward the same goal. On top of that, they are extremely funny! The first thing I do when as I get to work is to have a daily coffee and a quick foosball duel.

Upcoming events


Breakfasts together, craft Thursdays, bigger and smaller bonding events - see what events we organize in Wrocław branch, how we bond and how we spend our time outside project work.

Board games

We have a lot of fans of board games in Wrocław - every few months we meet to build a tunnel leading to gold in Sabotażysta, play associations in Dixit or build settlements in Catan Settlers.

Larger and smaller bonding events

It is not just work that a person lives with- we often see each other at team bonding and larger branch events, and once a year we put on suits and evening dresses to celebrate STX Next Summit together with our customers.

Craft Thursdays

We like to share knowledge and often do it internally, among our own. Craft Thursdays is a series of meetings focused on good programming practices, techniques and methods of working with code and software craftsmanship approach.

Angel Updates

What is happening in a colleague's project? A new client is joining us next month? Will there be a photo shoot? Are we starting a new cycle of internal events? These and other questions are answered during the monthly Angel Update by the Head of Service Delivery of the Wrocław branch- Marcin Zabawa.


Since the beginning of 2018, behind the initiative of one of our Senior Developers, we have been involved in organizational and substantive support of the Wrocław Pythonist community - wroc.py. Every now and then we host the participants of the meetup in our Wrocław office and support it with the knowledge and experience of our superheroes!

Cultural STX

Once a month, we check the repertoire in local cinemas and go to watch the latest cinema gems together.

Learn more about our events on our blog


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