Poznań branch is unique for us for two reasons: it is the cradle of STX Next - it was in Poznań that the first office of the company was opened over 17 years ago. It is also a central point on the STX map of Poland: it is the largest branch, which is visited by the STX-ers from all the other locations, and headquarters of our Sales, Product Design and Growth teams.

STX Next Poznań

Poznań headquarters are under constant supervision of experienced management staff: Łukasz Tuszyński acting as Head of Service Delivery and Service Delivery Managers: Łukasz Nowak, Michał Szmigas and Wojciech Małłek.

Within our company there are pranksters, musicians, connoisseurs of steaks, burgers and crafts beers, vegetarians, vegans, homemade confectioners, organizers of fantasy conventions, Kolejorz fans, runners, cyclists, sailors, cat and dog lovers, board game fans, game makers, photographers, satisfied parents, social souls with a big heart or linguists. The common denominator in this case is passion and sense of humor.

Our office has a rich inner life, and there's a lot going on with us. When we do not work, we like to... code, which is why we often meet for hackathons, and also host local development, testing and agile communities within our walls.

Similarly to Piła's crew, we are lovers of food, among others we host food trucks and celebrate various occasions (even non-existent holidays) with sweets and more.

Each of the design rooms has its own individual atmosphere:

in one of them for a long time there was a stick insects breeding terrarium, in another there was a poster of a famous pop singer. Elsewhere you can find a garden heron, a plastic flamingo or a plastic figure probably depicting a circus artist. We even happened to perform a live stream from the hatching of a dinosaur egg.

Each of the STX Next branches is primarily the people who co-create it. See the space, day to day work and get to know members of our SuperHeroes’ team in Poznań.

JavaScript Developer
Artur Konieczny

What surprised me the most about working at STX Next was this great trust - from day one I have worked on projects sharing a team responsibility and motivating each other to deliver the best possible product to the customer. Also, I appreciate the friendly and family atmosphere, you can always meet someone in the kitchen and chat for a while. Additionally, there are a lot of smaller and larger integration events and many smiling faces in the corridors :)

Software Tester
Victoria Kruczek

Working at STX is about learning a lot from the specialists. The development is supported not only by the training budget but also directly in the team. You arrive at work with a smile on your face, we all support each other :)

Python Developer
Paweł Kowalski

STX Next is a great opportunity for the ambitious. You don't need to know it all about technology right away, but let each subsequent task become a challenge for you. STX taught me such an attitude and today I know that there are no technical problems that cannot be solved. On top of that, we have a great atmosphere and many opportunities for integration and learning. IT is an industry in which you are constantly learning new things, and here you have perfect conditions for development. If you are an open-minded person, it will be a great place for you to work.

Upcoming events


Hackathons, lightning talks, board games, larger and smaller bonding events - see what we organize in Poznań branch, how we bond and how we spend our time outside of project work.

Board games and movies

We are long-standing and devoted fans of board games and cinematography, each month we go to the cinema and organize board game evenings. For some time, we had even been working on our own game (and we still believe that one day it will see the light of day!).


We specialize in internal hackathons which, in most cases, happen as an initiative of our specialists. We have already had the opportunity to have a great time in Machine Learning, Internet of Things or Computer Vision hackathons or collaborate to create applications that improve our office life.

Lightning Talks

Every month, we organize internal Lightning Talks, which serve the purpose of the exchange of knowledge between teams and branches. Every last Wednesday of the month we have an opportunity to listen to 3-4 speakers who talk about technological innovations, interesting design problems and share good practices.

Internal workshops

We learn from each other. We are happy to organize in-house workshops so that experienced employees can share their expertise or exchange experience with other teams and discuss things as part of the bring your own problem session. This way we have had workshops on Elixir, Python for non-technical persons, Product Owner tasks for testers and many more.


Organizing or hosting various meetups within the walls of STX Next is inscribed in the DNA of our organization. We regularly host the Poznan Pythonist community - PyRa, every week the Code for Poznań group gathers in our office, and we co-organize Agile Open Space meetings.

Charity events

Thanks to many STX community members with a big heart, we regularly participate in charity events, whether it be the Szlachetna Paczka or supporting one of Poznań Children's Houses.

Learn more about our events on our blog


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