Piła office is a 30-person team managed by Dawid Birula, Head of Service Delivery, and Łukasz Orłowski, Service Delivery Manager.

STX Next Piła

Each of the STX Next branches is primarily the people who co-create it.

It is no different in Piła - the story of Piła branch began a few years ago, when one of the experienced developers wished to return to his hometown. His return and ambitious plans were the basis for the creation of the third STX Next office.

Piła office of STX Next consists of programming lovers with a very wide range of interests.

It was Piła office which became the cradle of the theme of 3D printers at STX. It is in the office in Piła that our colleagues meet during cyclical Hyde Parks, sharing knowledge both about their profession and personal interests.

Members of the Piła office are also fans of good food and great fun, and the slogan “bonding” does not need to be repeated twice.

They often spend the time outside working hours on kayaks, going to the cinema, board games or team bonding events.

Each of the STX Next branches is primarily the people who co-create it. See the space, day to day work and get to know members of our SuperHeroes’ team in Piła.

Product Owner
Tomasz Muszczek

Personally, I do not perceive STX Next as just a company. It is more than that. Having worked in the Piła office for more than half a decade, I get the sense of a kind of community - people with similar interests, passions, and hobbies, especially in the field of broadly defined modern technology. We inspire and drive each other to continuous development and new experiences - both individually and through participation in industry events of all kinds.

Recruitment & EB Specialist
Aneta Grzymska

I have worked for STX for almost 6 years now. To me, it is a job I derive a great deal of satisfaction from. I interact with great specialists from whom I can learn a lot but I also have the opportunity to share my experience, deliver various presentations, and promote the company on the local market and beyond. People - this is definitely the greatest asset of the Piła branch! Everyone inspires to take action with their passion and commitment.

Head of Service Delivery
Dawid Birula

Working at STX Next is a very flexible approach to cooperation. You can easily balance private and business life when unusual challenges emerge. The culture of knowledge sharing is a common practice. The annual training budget supports continuous development. Through numerous events, the company also gives an opportunity to cooperate with people at the very start of their careers. Under the guidance of our experts, they achieve new levels in their professional development. In addition to hard skills, teamwork also provides an opportunity to acquire practical soft skills. And once you have achieved a lot, the company will be happy to see you in a new role if you wish so. There is no denying that the success of the company is achieved by fantastic people with a good sense of humor - professionals. It is a really great comfort having them by my side, their open-mindedness and readiness to help amaze me every day.

Service Delivery Manager
Łukasz Orłowski

My adventure with STX Next started over 4 years back. From the very start - from the recruitment process to the present day - I have had this extremely positive feeling that I work with people having knowledge and passion for what they do. This is why, for me, STX is above all great individuals who are both an inspiration for constant development and a source of an extraordinary atmosphere. At the same time, the place gives me an opportunity to grow my career.

Upcoming events


Hot-dog Days, Hyde Park series meetings, branch bonding events and 3D printing- see what events we organize at the Pila branch, how we bond and how we spend our time outside working hours.

3D printing enthusiasts club

Sharing knowledge is one thing, and the ability to infect others with your passion is something else! Piła branch is the cradle of 3D printing enthusiasts, which in 2018 went beyond the boundaries of the office and evolved into the first ever 3D printer fair in Piła.

Hyde Park

Every now and then we organize internal meetings during which we share our knowledge on technology or private and outside-work interests. Previous editions have passed in the already well known format of lightning talks under the slogan of Webpack, IoT devices and micro-services. And during the last edition, our tester Ania shared her interest in weapons and shooting range.

Hot-dog Days

In addition to the sounds of 3D printing and loud discussions during the internal Hyde Parks, every now and then, lively conversations and delicious fragrances of warm buns and kabanos dry sausages reach all corners of the office. We love food, which is why our kitchen often turns into a buffet table with delicacies, which we eat with our colleagues from all over the office.

Larger and smaller bonding events

The passion for bonding is one of the common features of all STX branches. When we hear 'bonding' we always think of games, fresh air, nice company and of course... something delicious to eat ;)

Learn more about our events on our blog


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EB & Recruitment Specialist

Aneta Grzymska