Our Łódź office is very... Łódź like! The main corridor refers to ul. Piotrkowska, and our design rooms and conference rooms refer to the White Factory, EC1, Unicorn Stable or Manufaktura.

STX Next Łódź

Łódź branch was established in March 2016. At the beginning the team had a dozen people, whereas today there are already over fifty of us.

In July 2018, we changed the location, moving to a new, comfortable and spacious office, whose heart is a large kitchen, where there is always time and space for a short conversation with colleagues from other teams.

We use breaks for table football, and after hours we often meet to play board games, have a Friday drink or hold guitar workshops- everyone will find something for themselves!

Among our colleagues there is also a large group of vegans who often organize vegan feasts: vegan hot dogs, burgers or falafels :)

There you can also often find two managers running the Łódź office: Norbert Lehmann, Head of Service Delivery, and Michał Szydłowski, Service Delivery Manager.

Each of the STX Next branches is primarily the people who co-create it. See the space, day to day work and get to know members of our SuperHeroes’ team in Łódź.

Python Developer
Dawid Dutkiewicz

I work at STX because I value the diversity of projects, work-life balance, and professional development. STX is all about the lack of corporate nonsense. In my daily work, I like the opportunity to learn from more experienced colleagues. My team is a mix of fantastic people specializing in different fields. I will never forget how I was asked to take care of my health as an annual goal :) The first thing I do when I come to the office is... log in, check Slack and a coffee before the first git pull :)

Senior Python Developer
Piotr Podgórski

For me, the most important thing about STX Next is the agility and the fact that my bosses feel more like leaders. They listen, they are open to changes and encourage improvement in every field as they look for ways to use their skills in the organization. The win-win strategy is real. I could go on, but you wouldn't believe me anyway - I wouldn't believe it myself if I wasn't a part of it.

Senior Full-stack Developer
Dawid Ryczko

I have a feeling that at STX every person matters and has an influence on what happens around them. Your ideas, actions, improvements are always heard and implemented if everyone agrees. I really like the flat company structure and the fact that everyone in the team has the right to decide. It turns out that an STX team does not need a team leader or continuous supervision. It is capable of organizing, managing and carrying out projects for the customer on its own, and does it all this under no stress and in a great atmosphere.

Senior Python Developer
Kamil Kierzkowski

When applying to STX, I was skeptical having negative experiences with Software Houses up to that point. A professional recruitment process together with a great job interview convinced me to give it a try. In January 2020, it's been two years since I joined STX Next and in hindsight, I can say that joining STX was one of the best decisions I've made. The people and the atmosphere in this company are unique!

Software Tester
Katarzyna Dygas

I work at STX NEXT because I love the work atmosphere. This company consists of people who support each other and appreciate the professionalism, personal development along with freedom and flexibility.

Upcoming events


Hackathons, guitar workshops, Trambambula, bigger and smaller bonding events- see what events we organize in Łódź branch and how we spend our time outside working hours.


Łódź branch is able to have fun not only at bonding events, but also during hackathons when we have the opportunity to think and play with libraries and languages not used in projects, as well as learn new technological branches.

Board games

We regularly meet on the legendary STX board game evenings every month.


Following the initiative of one of our specialists, the annual meetings and hospitality of the Captain Światełko Foundation became a tradition. We then talk about the prevention of male cancer diseases, organize a contest for the best mustache and conduct a charity fundraiser.

Guitar workshops

Interests and hobbies of Łódź STX people often give us interesting ideas for activities outside working hours. One such example is regular meetings where we learn to play guitar from scratch. The only thing you need is your own guitar :)

Python Meetups and more

We are close to the development community, which is why we take part in industry meetups every now and then. We share our knowledge of Python, JavaScript and blockchain- both locally as well as in nationwide and European events.


Once a year we organize our Office Table Football Tournament, both for less and more experienced amateurs of this sport. Our football table has also survived a hackathon, during which we created an electronic point counter based on Raspberry Pi Zero.

Larger and smaller bonding events

Łódź team is very fond of bonding! On average, once a month or once every two months, we organize joint outings or events in the office. We are remember mostly the board game evenings (e.g. Poker or MTG) and Friday drinks after work. Once a year we leave for a two-day trip, where we get to know each other better and have fun together while enjoying various activities such as kayaks, frisbee or trails games.

Learn more about our events on our blog


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