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Service Delivery Manager

Hi there!

We are the biggest European Python Powerhouse with over 16 years of experience, 6 offices in Poland and deep commitment to Agile principles. Join a group of 400+ professionals dedicated to helping customers build outstanding products. 

Are you the NEXT one?


The challenge

Wouldn’t you rather be managing people who feel responsible for the work of the whole team, than fighting against a group of individuals who care only for themselves? Be sure all of the teams of our superheroes you will be managing, will expect you to entrust them with great power with which comes great responsibility. That means that if your management style is more towards high control and reporting, STX Next may not be the best place for you.


As a Service Delivery Manager you will get to cooperate with many foreign clients. We bend over backwards (and maybe do some flips) to make sure they’re happy. If you feel you’re good at building long-term relationships with customers, even those that may seem annoying then you definitely should apply.


At STX Next we are all proud of the quality of the services we deliver to our customers which comes from our battle-tested software development practices. The spirit of craftsmanship within us makes us keep improving our high standards which our clients value a lot. To achieve that, managers at STX Next use their powers to grow the business, the people and themeselves constantly.


What do we need from you?

  • You are highly empathic towards clients and collaborators
  • You are able to entrust people with power and responsibility
  • You are open-minded and creative in finding business opportunities and improvements
  • You have 2+ years of experience in IT (software development) and strong experience in project and people management 
  • You are great at building relationships with clients and development teams
  • You are not afraid of making decisions, even if they seem to be hard
  • Your English is excellent both written and spoken (min. C1)
  • Ideally, if you have a proven track record in delivering multiple high-quality services to medium and large-sized clients.

Why join STX Next?

  • Manage highly responsible, self-organising teams
  • Work in an outstanding, non-corporate atmosphere
  • Build long-standing relationships with international clients
  • Help the business to grow where “sky is the limit”
  • Inspire our people to keep improving themselves by your example
  • Join STX Next branch with 50+ craftsmen onboard
  • Plan your future with our transparent salary model
  • Start a long-term collaboration based on a convenient B2B model


Conferences, books, online or offline courses

Use your annual training budget and decide on the direction of your professional development. STX Next covers 75% costs of training, conferences and language course.

Work-life balance

We are open to discussing individual needs. Set up working hours and limited remote work scheduled with your team and manager, in a way that works for both sides.

Monthly party budget

They say that little party with your colleagues is always a good idea :)

Reimbursed private medical care (Medicover) and Multisport

We care about the health and well-being of our colleagues. Choose a sports card and dedicated medical care for yourself and your relatives.

Bring your own device option

You only enjoy working on your own computer? No problem, just bring it into our office and get a financial equipment bonus.

Relocation package

If there is no STX Next office around you, relocation package might be kind of useful.


Poznań, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Piła and Łódź – no matter where you work on a daily basis, use a workation option to work in other STX Next offices any time you want.

Growth review

Junior, Regular or Senior? Every half a year we have a chance to discuss acquired skills and prepare a development plan for upcoming months .


Craft Thursdays, Friday movie marathons, and board games – join local events in your office.

STX Next Career

Recruitment process


Are you interested in our offer? Feel free to apply by attaching your CV and we will contact you within 24 hours.

Let's get to know each other

A f2f or Hangouts meeting- these are the options we will offer after verifying your application. If there are additional questions from our side, we will arrange for a short phone call before the meeting. The meeting will last no more than 1-1.5h.

Show us what you can do

Technical verification is a good time to show your superpowers! Technical interview is a meeting based on tasks, a case study and practical and theoretical questions. The meeting will last approx. 2h.

Time for a decision

We value your time and commitment- regardless of the outcome of the recruitment process, we will return to you with a decision and extensive feedback. Upon completion of the recruitment, we will also be happy to know your feedback about our recruitment process.


Learn more about Management

Managing teams, building new business lines, managing satisfaction and building partnerships with customers.

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